Are you a small business owner looking for free stock photos? Look no further and check these 5 copyright stock photography websites!

If you are a small business owner you will agree with us that visual marketing is a really important part of marketing and promoting your business. Photos not only catch the attention of the readers and visitors but they also stimulate connections and emotions toward business. One of the biggest problems small businesses and startups face is finding great and high-quality images that are visually appealing to readers, don’t infringe on copyright laws and are free to use.

If you are a small business owner who is struggling while looking for photos for your website, blog or social media accounts, the this is the perfect article for you. We are going to present you 5 best stock photography websites where you can find copyright free stock photos for promoting your small business.

What are stock photos?

Before you download and use a specific photo, let’s clear what stock photos are exactly. The stock photos are professional quality photos available on the web for commercial and personal use, as well as, for advertising. Even though a lot of stock photography websites cost money, there are many free options you can use. Keep in mind that some stock photographs have limitations on use and they may require attribution. The websites we are going to present you don’t require attribution.

Here are the best 5 stock photography websites:

1. Pexels – This is a very popular website that can offer you a huge collection of handpicked high-quality stock photos. The photos here come from different websites. The photos tend to be more traditional and they are usually very similar and basic in design and composition. All photos are visually appealing.

2. Shopify – The photos here tend to be unique and more specific on an occasion. The scenes are relatable, modern, and have a quirky aspect. You can even find pictures of babies on this platform!

3. MorgueFile – This is not just a website but a social network that offers a community to learn and discuss photography, as well as, an interactive classroom to share your opinion and learn something. The photos are unique when compared to Pexels and Gratisography, but you can still find a suitable photo for both personal and commercial projects.

4. New Old Stock – Here you can find a selection of vintage photos from years ago. These are only the online versions of the images from years ago. Even though the selection of photos don’t always fit into your marketing strategy, it is pretty fun to look through these amazing and unique photos. The website doesn’t have a search option, so if you need something specific, you need to scroll through the huge selection of photos available.

5. Foter – This website not only allows you to search through thousands if not millions of free stock photos available but allow you to upload some of your own photos. The only downside this site has is that photos may be lower quality when compared to some other websites, however, the resolution is still good. The selection of photos is pretty large and useful!

All these websites offer photos free from copyright restrictions. However, it is always recommendable to read the terms and conditions of the photos before you decide to download and use. Many websites don’t require attribution but there are some who may change their terms. So, always double check and be absolutely sure you can use the photo for both personal and commercial use!